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Where Risk Meets Monopoly: The Monetization of War

by Travis Skene

Warfare is generally viewed as something horrific, and should be avoided at all costs. However, some companies have not only proven the industry to be economically viable, but a lucrative one. For some, this raises red flags that policy makers worldwide should be aware of to be able to dynamically set boundaries for these organizations. Private military firms have been used by various nations in past decades. The United States currently employs these companies to complete its military goals worldwide, a policy that has become particularly controversial over the past ten to twenty years as PMCs (private military companies) have become increasingly utilized by the federal government. The fact that the United States uses commercial troops to not only carry out raids and eliminate targets, but to guard convoys and supply routes, escort officials to and from the warzone, and perform backbone tasks is nothing short of intriguing to many Americans who become more aware of the issue. Continue reading

The War on Wages

By Travis Skene

Few countries can boast a minimum wage comparable to that which is in the United States, yet, the debate over wages continues to rage on like an ocean torrent. For some, the issue demonstrates a fundamental way of economic thinking, while others view it as a matter of principle and ethics. Both policy makers and citizens alike agree, however, that the question cannot remain unanswered.
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