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Raising the Minimum Wage: Why We Shouldn’t Let Faulty Logic Rule Our Paycheck

By Niles Wimber

I think it’s safe to say that the subject of the minimum wage can be a pretty emotionally and politically charged subject. No one wants to be seen as putting the poor to the grindstone of low wages. However, I will say that because of all these emotions and opinions, some plain and simple principles are getting left out of the conversation. Let’s bring those back to the table and look at how the minimum wage is the most harmful to the very people it would ostensibly help.

Because we can still expect cheap Big Macs if McDonald’s raises wages more than all minimum wage hikes since 1938 combined, right? Image Source: foxnews.com

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The War on Wages

By Travis Skene

Few countries can boast a minimum wage comparable to that which is in the United States, yet, the debate over wages continues to rage on like an ocean torrent. For some, the issue demonstrates a fundamental way of economic thinking, while others view it as a matter of principle and ethics. Both policy makers and citizens alike agree, however, that the question cannot remain unanswered.
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