The Why…

A common complaint in today’s world is how political correctness often clouds open debate on controversial yet important issues such as national security, same sex marriage, welfare reform and countless others. In fact, most of these issues are never resolved because the only choices are the hardest ones to stomach. Sometimes the choices never come up because we fear their results.

However, the time is coming that we won’t be able to avoid the debate any longer. Once the issues affect us personally, we’re going to have to get involved. To do that, we must face an hard saying. We must ask ourselves “can we hear it?”


“An Hard Saying…” is a political commentary blog that focuses on the issues of today, specifically, the sides of the issues that we don’t want to talk about but need to talk about. If it’s something unsaid there, it’s said here. If it’s something ignored there, it’s recognized here. If it’s politically correct there, it’s politely corrected here. Oftentimes the root of a problem is obscured by the unstated rules of politics. The mission of “An Hard Saying…” is to promote a public, civil and open discourse on the issues, a discourse where it is told like it is.


“An hard saying” is a biblical phrase from John 6:60. Some disciples of Jesus Christ, upon hearing his declaration that he was of divine origins, lamented of the difficulty of hearing/believing such a fact. This name was chosen as symbolic of addressing difficult, yet important issues, especially in the face of widespread reluctance to do so.

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